Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sorry about the quality of the clip, it was a 20MB clip, but I think youtube has crunched it up adn so it has lost some quality....

OK, here is the code sample for the flame shader I have adapted from NVIDIA's Volumetric Flame shader. The emitter class is pretty much the same as the billboard particle samples in my earlier posts, the real work is in the shader. I took the original NVIDIA flame shader and merged it with my billboard shader resulting in the sample you see here.

Now the emitter given in this sample is very basic, but I am sure you will be able either derive from it or use it as a template for your own flame emitter.

I have had a few requests regarding a 2D version of the shader so I am going to look at applying it to a 2D context.

Solution can be located here.

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