Monday, 9 July 2012

MVP 2010 Summit

Well, what a great week I had a the summit, as ever, can’t tell you much about it due to our NDA’s but here are some pics from my time there, I have also pinched some pics from other MVP’s (well Benjamin’s pics :P)

Bellevue was really nice, quite, but nice.

My room mate Vicente Cartas Espinel, was great to meet you Vicente, you were a great roomie :)

Andy “Z_Man” Dunn and Michael Cummings, just off to the left is Catalin Zima. It was so cool to meet so many XNA community legends, I was quite awestruck I think.. o.O

Phil Bourke and Vicente in deep conversation, Benjamin Nitschke is to the right.

MVP’s, beer and XNA talk, a great combination! (well till the morning I found..)

No idea what Andy was conveying here, I may have had one too many by this time..

Onto the serious stuff, day 1 of XNA bits..

Some RockBand madness.

Got to meet the XNA Team too, I am truly awestruck now…!

Back to the hotel (this was the view from our window), before off out again.

Next set of pictures are Benjamin’s, can you tell I have had a drink?

I may have had a pint or so…

Yep, had a few we did….

Packing up our stuff, last day of XNA stuff…sad day..
I then got to wander around Seattle before I went home, here are a few pics I took..

All in all I think we all had a great time, I would like to say thanks to the MVP program for looking after us, the XNA Team for all there effort, both on the day’s and the work they must have had to do in the build up. And also to Andy Dunn, for letting me crash at his house for a couple of nights. Thanks all :D

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