Monday, 9 July 2012


So, I have this ZuneHD and have been playing about with it for abit now, so looked into what I can do with it. Turns out quite a bit after finding some great samples from the likes of Nick Gravelyn.

So as you can see in the clip, with these samples under my belt I started writing my own Raycaster for the Zune. It is still early days yet, need to do afair bit more (just like all my other unfinished projects I hear you shout!!) and I think it will make for a nice base for creating raycasting games on the Zune.

I don't know about you (or even if you are old enough to remember), but I loved Wolfenstine3D, so this sort of engine will enable you to make games just like that :)

As ever C&C welcome.


  1. How did you do the floor and ceiling?

    1. Wow, I did this ages ago, will have to go look at my old code for this....