Sunday, 8 July 2012

XNA Bar Camp, Birmingham, March 21st 2009

Well here is an exciting bit of news for my 100th post on here (can't believe I have 100 posts!!). You may well know about this already as I am sure you subscribe to the main site RSS feed, so here it is again..

"The XNA UK User group cordially invites you to a day of XNA show and tell. Join us to share your latest XNA game or technique insight, to learn from others, and have a thoroughly good time with XNA."

If you want to come along, and we hope you do, please book your attendance at this site ( Registration Open - only 100 places available!). For those of you who would also like a chance to show off something please pre-book your presentation slot by emailing us here; the show & tell slots are limited and will need some organising so don't hang about!

Food and refreshments will be provided during the day. To participate in the LAN Party you will need to bring your own laptop (and Xbox Controller). We look forward to seeing lots of you there!
09:30 Arrival
10:00 Opening Session by Microsoft
11:00 Start of slot presentations 12 x 20min (inc setup) slots to book
12:00 – lunch taken on the fly during slots
15:00 LAN Party – XNA multiplayer games (Bring your own laptop and controller/s!!)
18:00 Close
Aston Science Park
Faraday Wharf
B7 4BB
*Refreshments sponsored by Microsoft."

Be there, or be a trapezoid (I guess that would be 2 primitives from 4 vertices's, possibly not a textured quad, but you get what I mean)..

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