Monday, 9 July 2012

XBLIG-UK Talks in 2011

Starting in January 2011 (the 5th to be precise) the XBLIG-UK Talks are under way again and I will be giving a talk on deferred lighting, or at the very least, how I go about it. As I am sure you can see in the above clip, it might take more than one talk to get through all the content.

For more info on the talks keep an eye on XBLIG-UK, sight up for all the talks, or pay £10 on the door if you only want to make a few of them.

This is probably my last post untill the new year, so to all of you that follow and support, not just my blog, but the XNA-UK UG and XBLIG-UK, have a verry merry Christmas and a happy new year..

See you next year :)

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