Monday, 9 July 2012

March 2011 Talk – Post Processing Framework

So, for those of you that aren't part of the meetings group here at the XNA-UK UG, I gave a talk at the start of this month on a post processing framework for XNA 4.0. Here are a few pics of the talk and some screen shots of the post processing framework in action.

The Talk

Post Processing Effects in the Sample

Depth Of Field
A modification of the DoF effect from Kyle Haywards sample.

I don’t recall where I got this effect from, may have been off Rocket Commander.

Taken from Kyle Hawards sample.

Radial Blur
Taken from Rocket Commander :D

Think this was a MS pixel shader I found somewhere..

After making modifications to the DoF shader, I thought it would be dead easy to use similar calculations to do fog, here it is :D

On the 21st of April 2010 I posted up an article on Sgt Conker, this is the same code put to use in the framework, as in this sample we have access to the depth buffer I am able to show the sun working with occlusion. BUT I have still not implemented the occlusion of the flare, but I am sure you would love to have a play and fix that :D

At the last moment before I went to give the talk I ran it on my 360, tried the bloom, DoF and Radial blur effects, all worked fine with the exception of the radial blur, so if you wan those effects in a 360 project, then they may need work.

My inspiration for post processing first started when I got into XNA playing with the Hazymind Engine and Micheal Quandt use to post there regularly and put up a post processing sample for the engine, then I came across Kyle Haywards post processing framework, and have continued with a similar framework of my own. I would like to thank both these guys for the inspiration there contributions have given me. As I think I said during the talk, “We all stand on the shoulders of giants”

You can get the power point presentation here and the solution code here.

Hope it helps :D


  1. Where can i get the solution?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Ill sort the inks out on here for the source in 24 hours of writing this response.

      Thanks for your interest :)