Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dark Omen Games – What are we up to..?

Well at the minute we have 2 projects on the go, first up Nebulon.

Nebulon (play list)

Written by Dave Bonner using his Anarchy Engine, this is turning into a nice little 2D shooter. I love the particle effects he has going on, as you can see in the clips, you fly a ship around the grid, sing “photon’s” spontaneously erupt from the background, if they collide they create a binary bad dude, if another joins then you have a 3 photon spinning nightmare that is after your ship! More badies to come, more weapons and pick ups. We are hoping to get this up into Play Testing for XBLCG in an moth or two.

Killer Core (play list)

This game coming out of my RandomChaos 3D Engine. The idea came from an old ZX Spectrum game I used to love called StarQuake. In Killer Core, you still need to get off world, but not only are you up against the planets aboriginals but also other players trying to get off before you!! You will be able to pick up various weapon types as well as traps and shields to help you get off world or even just hinder other players. A single player mode will also be available. We are hoping to get KC into play test by December, dooner if we can..

So, that’s what we are up to at the moment, what about some of the old projects, like Warheads3D andBreakThrough and OctaineX, well they are on the back burner at the moment, BreakThrough might get a re write for XNA 3.1 and Warheads3D (working title) will be ported to XNA 3.1 also, as to OctaneX, not sure if Dave will peruse it, I hope he does I kind of liked that one.

Let us know what you think of our stuff, either here, on the DOG blog or the Channel.

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