Sunday, 8 July 2012

XBlig-UK - XNA Games Development Conference, Birmingham - Saturday 5 December, 2009

The NxtGenUG are setting up an XNA event in Birmingham (England for those of you who may think in Alabama) on the 5th of December. This has been organized by our very own VeraShackle, who has also posted this in the Events section here.

I am going to be there to give a introductory talk on how I use UV mapping and what you can do with texcoords in the shader. There are also talks from may others, including Dave Bonner, co-founder of Dark Omen Games andLintfordPickle, who will be talking about procedural content generation based on his experiences writing Britonia.

So, do come along and support us. You can find out more information from the NxtGenUG link here and the event site here.

See you in December :D

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