Monday, 9 July 2012

XBLIG-UK December 2009

Well what a great day that was! I gave my first public talk on XNA at the XBLIG-UK event, not sure if I put too much in, left too much out, but I enjoyed it none the less. It was organized by Edward Powel (our VeraShackle) over at theNxtGen UK UG

We had talks about the Zune HD from Paul Foster a Microsoft Evangialist, myself whittering on about UV mapping in Blender3D (Note to self: must get the new version), then John Hampson with procedural implementation in XNA (check out Britonia, that’s Johns stuff!), then Dr Nick Hawes on how Academic A.I. could be used in Gaming, Steve Miles great talk on overriding the native SpriteBatch, our very own Dave Bonner from Dark Omen Games describing the XBLIG publishing process, fellow MVP Rich Costall showing off a child spawned from the mixing of XNA and Silverlight , Salvatore Fileccia from Rare who went over the good and bad times implementing Physics with Banjo Kazooie, an awesome talk by Paul Manzotti on the implementation of sound using XACT, and naturally a great talk byEdward Powel on the use of content importers!!

Yes!! It was a very full day and wass 99.9% glitch free too!

I think that the NxtGen guys will be putting some pics up and links to all the speakers presentations, the XNA project I used to show the UV mapping will be there as well as my presentation, so you will be able to see how much I left out due to time. They have just put up a pod cast about the day which can be listened to here, now, I as there honest, though you might not know that from the pod cast :P

If you did attend, let me know what you thought of my talk, it was my first so I am not sure if I left too much out or it all went over peoples heads :) C&C is welcome.

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