Monday, 9 July 2012

XBlig User Group - Inaugural Meeting!

The awesome Edward Powel aka Vera Shackle has sorted out some user group meetings, the first one of which I will be giving a talk on the basics of HLSL, doing my best to show you what I have picked up since the start of XNA. I hope this does not put you off coming to the meetings as I am sure there will be lots for all levels to gain from the meetings, as well as networking with other likeminded XNA developers.

Where! WHEN!

Check out the site Edward set up for the meeting we did last year here. To register for the meetings then please check out this page where you can become a paid up member. If we get enough members then we hope the cost will naturally drop, but we need the numbers to do that.


Well I am hoping to sort some booty out, not sure what it will be yet, BUT, what I do have are 3 subscriptions toVisual Studio 2010 Ultimate (as you can see it’s worth a few quid) to give away, not sure as, when or even how we are going to give these out, but rest assured they will be given out as they have to be used up within 180 days and I have had them about 10 days :S

So get your self on the members list, the more of us the better, have the chance to get a subscription to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and the only other thing I would ask of you is to buy Edward at least one pint after the talks, thanks to him and the red tape he has been skipping with we are able to put this on. You will know who Edward is, he is the good looking one…

Hope to see you at the first meeting :)


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