Monday, 9 July 2012

XBLIG-UK XNA-UK UG Super Duper Prize Give-away!!!

OK, so you can see I am pretty excited about this post, and this is why; as I am sure you know we are holding 3meetings this year in the midlands, the first starting in a couple of weeks time on the 1st of September where Edward and I are going to give some talks on various XNA bits and bobs. Edward covering using XSI with XNA and me covering customer shader basics.

Again, as you probably know we are asking you to subscribe to the meeting so we can raise money for the site and future events, we are also hoping to put a DVD together so everyone will leave with something, but what’s exciting me is that Paul Foster is hosting a XAP-A-Thon!, three of these XAP-A-Thon events are to be held along side our meetings too.

So, why am I so excited, well we thought a good idea would be for you guys who are attending to write a WP7 app that you will then be able to run on a physical device at the meet, that’s right, you will be able to see your WP7 application or game running on an actual WP7 device!! How cool is that!!

Also, Paul, now also know as he who must be adored and loved will be bringing an Xbox 360 along to each meeting, and at the end of each meet, once we have seen and had a play with all the apps on a device, we will decide who’s app was the best for that meeting, and guess what, the developer(s) of that app/game will be given that Xbox to take home with them!!

Second place will have to settle with a subscription to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, I have three of these to give away which works out quite well seeing as we have three meets :D

So, if this little lot does not give you some incentive to subscribe and come along to our meetings, I honestly don’t know what will…

If you are coming along and want to enter the comp, then I suggest you get cracking now, we have no hard and fast rules as yet, other than your application/game will need to run on a WP7 device, be written in XNA, and you will have to bring along a laptop to use to deploy your XAP package from. Edward found this great site for resources, so get creating!!

See you on the 1st of September :D

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