Sunday, 8 July 2012

Playing with 2D

Well, seeing as most of the world seems to be using XNA to produce 2D games, as well as my good friend Dave who’sDark Omen Games Nebulon is now out of play test and going into Review (do you like the plug?) I thought I would have a play.

So what’s in the clip I have put up here? Well, I have ported my 3D physics (as basic as it is) to a new 2D engine (still don’t have a name for it yet), so you have collision detection as well as pixel perfect collision resolution. I have used the same pixel perfect collision Riemer has used in his 2D game sample, I started off writing it that way anyway, but was streaming to a one dimensional array, after reading his post, it made sense to have a 2 dimensional array, it made the transformation from object space to the other easier. In the clip there are 15 sprites that are just rotating, and then there is the player sprite, this sprite is animated using a 31 sprite image. I created the sprite sheet by rendering a 3D model and taking a screen shot as I rotated it, then stuck them all together in the sprite sheet. The shadows are simply the same texture rendered before the main image in black with a value of .5f as the alpha channel.

The model I got from Turbo Squid, one of the many free models you can get there. Here is the sprite sheet, single sprite and a detailed image, if you want to have a play with them. If you use them, please credit me or this post and put a comment on here about it, it’s nice to see how your stuff gets about :)

The single sprite

The sprite sheet

A detailed sheet (killer on pixel perfect collision detection!)

I am quite pleased with what I have got so far seeing as it is only about 14 hours work, broken into 2-3 hours chunks over the week, and that includes the art work!. I guess now I have a basic framework I just might write a 2D game.

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