Monday, 9 July 2012

Stowaways - A ZuneRay Game

So, as you have seen I have written a raycasting engine for the Zune in XNA. Using this engine I have started to create a game called stowaways, here is the story (I kind of skip it in the clip)

During a standard patrol of sector 7
the starship Dakatau locked onto a distress call
located near a little visited planet, Oren-12, the
twelfth moon of Oren.
The crew found a yacht listing in a deteriorating orbit
off the planet. Scans of the Ahubu came back negative
for life but a boarding party was sent to the yacht
none the less.
After an hours search, no one was found on board,
dead or alive.
Three months into the return journey and the crew
of the Dakatau have started to go missing......
After a week, you are the only one left......"

I hope to start blogging the mechanics of this soon, so if you are interested watch this space :)

C&C Welcome as ever, and please, remember I am a programmer not an artist!!

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