Monday, 2 July 2012

Warheads3D - Progress

I have just put up a video showing my physics engine and scaled 3D particle system that I will be using and building on in Warheads3D.

In the video you can see an orbiting earth with a moon orbiting it, there are 3 warheads sent after the planet. I have not given the warheads any velocity, just dropped them out there and let the planets gravity pull them onto target trailing smoke as they go.

I am planing on releasing the source to my SimplePhysics system. It is based on what I have gained from a wonderful book I got over Christmas called Game Physics Engine Development By Ian Millington. You can have a look at my Google Library and see the books I have read and intend to read here, all games dev related.

The particle system is ALMOST identical to the one I posted here, but I found the odd issue or two with it and have ironed out those bugs here, as you can see in the Video, the scaled particles are also sized per particle, so have enhanced it a bit too.

As ever comments are welcome.

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