Tuesday, 3 July 2012

RandomChaos Physics

So I have started work on a simple physics engine. I intend to have it serve both 2D and 3D development. I guess it wont have all the lovely bits and bobs that engines like BulletX have, but what the hell, it's going to help me understand how a Physics Engine works. Not sure about all the others, but this will naturally be exclusively for XNA and so written in C#. As ever I will put the full source up here once I have finished it so you can improve or add to it.

So needless to say, other things may well be held up; Nova Wars and the Volumetric Cloud system being just two of them. As I think I have mentioned before; my goal now with the blog is to take all the samples I have put up and get them into an engine. This will also help me debug the samples as I will know what plays well with others and what does not. So I kind of think a Physics Engine, no matter how basic, will be a great addition.

The clip in this post just shows where I currently am with the Physics Engine which is basic Force Generators. There is so much to do, not to mention adding 2D Physics too...I really have become an XNA junkie....help.....I don't seem to be able to stop..

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