Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Moved Randomchaos 3D Engine Blog

Now this feels quite odd, have been so use to using my old blog that this might take some getting use to :P

You are probably wondering why I have moved the blog (well you probably not but I am going to tell you anyway)? Well the blog started out in April 2006, (I actually started the blog so I could post on my friends travel blog) it's initial purpose was for me to document my progress learning XNA, at that time I was going through a great set of tutorials by Mike Schuld. Now I have next to no education at all, but thanks to this tutorial and the help of guys on the forum there, I started to get to grips with XNA and in particular using XNA for 3D games. I became totally addicted to XNA.

I found that I had got to a stage where I could help others on the forum and so I decided to open the blog up to the work I had done off the back of the tutorials so that others could see my examples and include them in there work. Alas Mike seemed to stop posting on the forums as well as stopping the tutorials, so I decided to start blogging about stuff I was doing away from the engine (Generic XNA) and so I started to post code examples. I think it was cubed2d off this very site that made the suggestion. Now I seem to addicted to blogging :P

Also around about this time I got brave enough to start posting on the XNA CreatorsClub Forum where I kind of bumped into Leaf, well I kind of needed some help with a  fog shader and got him to do me an example. When I started having FTP issues Leaf came to the rescue again and offered to host them.

So why move the blog? Because I think this is the start of a great community and I would like to be in at the start of it, I might not be here at the end of it, but at least I am here now. I also think that this community will be able to help me grow as an XNA developer, I'm new to all this and want to learn as much as I can so your comments are very important to me as they can only make me a better XNA developer and writer of games.

Well that is enough babbling, if you have read all this then thanks. I plan to move my old posts over from my old blog to here and where I think they need it I will add more detail and explanation. The old blog will stay there but will not have any new posts, all new posts will be put here. I hope you find my posts helpful, and if you have any comments on any of the posts, please don't be shy, put me right where you see I need it and let me know if you have found the posts useful.

Charles Humphrey (Nemo Krad)

P.S. Forgive the rambling, it's late and I am very tired....

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