Friday, 29 June 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well it's almost here and as you can imagine, I will not be posting as often due to the holiday season, so I thought I would let you know what I am thinking of doing in the new year.

Next few posts will be relating to scaled point sprite particles and simple physics, my current point sprite particle system is not scaled which is fine for a close up particle effect but it lacks volume, the next point sprite particle system will remedy this. I have not really looked much at game physics but the more I play and write the more obvious it is to me that regardless what game it is you need some form of rudimentary physics (I know it's a no brainier!) I guess there are a few physics engines out there like BulletX and JiggleX etc.. but personally I like to reinvent the wheel, that way I know exactly how the wheel works (admittedly, not all of my reinvented wheels are perfectly round..) Also I think it would be nice to have a physics engine that covers all the very basic elements that will be required by a home brew game.

Also in the new year I intend to be going back over my Generic XNA posts and convert the projects over to work with XNA 2.0 and now that I have a Creators Club subscription on the XBox360. I also intend to revisit a few topics like A.I and the FSM to add messaging between agents and singleton states and the Sky Sphere and clouds aiming to give more volume. I just hope I can get it all in!

So planed for the new year:
  • Scaled PointSprite Particles
  • Simple Physics System
  • Revisit old topics and improve on or add to.
  • Download Projects to include XBox 360 Projects
  • Download Projects moved to XNA 2.0 (once on full release)
I am kind of hoping I can get the particle system out on here before the end of the month, but if I don't, then Merry Christmas to all those that read this blog, hope you have a good one :)

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