Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dynamic Sky Sphere So Far...

I am posting the source to this now as I have a project at work that is going to take up my time over Christmas and into the new year and also have to start studying if I am going to get anywhere with my Microsoft Certification :( I am not going to have chance to add any more to it.

So this is the project as it currently stands. I have modified the SkyBox class, adding a public field called SunPos so that other objects in the scene know where the sun is and can use that for there main lighting source, there is also an Update method in there now which calculates the time of day to be passed to the shader, this can either be generated by the class or it will use the system time (default). As I said in my last post, I have added a point light to the terrain shader so you can navigate at night.

ESC - Quit
WASD - Translate the camera.
Mouse - Rotate Camera
F1 - Real time
F2 - Game Time (not to be confused with GameTime object)
L - Light On
O - Light Off

As ever, your comments are more than welcome...

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