Friday, 29 June 2012

Game State/Menu Manager

Inspired by the Example on the Creators Club I decided to write my own so it would do the stuff I needed it to. As always the one on the Creators is great and a nice starting point.

This is written from scratch and instead of releasing the code I might just put it up as a binary for you to bolt into your projects, naturally you will be able to inherit from it and create the menus you want from it.

As the image I put up does not really show what is going on I have put up a short vid (here) to demonstrate some of the things it can do.

  • Based on GameComponent so you can just add it to your game via Component.Add
  • Ability to texture your fonts
  • 2D shader effects on both the menu, fonts and cursor
  • Menu cursor driven by the keyboard or 360 Controller
There are only a few effects at the moment but I plan to add more, still much to do, but once done I think it will be useful.

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