Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Source Example 4 - Terrain

So onto terrain, this example uses a height map 128X128 and is configured to use Riemers origional terrain shader (modified for the engine). Also included in this example are my terrain shaders along with the modified bump maped versions of these shaders and the associated textures.

It also gives an example of the terrain picking and collision, again this is quite basic.

Mouse to rotate the camera.
Arrow keys to translate the camera.
Right click to drop the terrains height and left to raise it.
Keys 1-4 select a terrain shader

  • 1 - Reimers Terrain Shader
  • 2 - My Terrain Shader
  • 3 - Reimers Terrain Shader with Bump Mapping
  • 4 - My Terrain Shader with Bump Mapping
  • Escape to exit.


    1. Hello Charles, amazing work on the terrain engine. The link to the source code isn't working and was wondering if you could provide it. Thanks, and I greatly appreciate it. The bump mapping technique you created looks excellent.